Is it true that you loose the signal strength with the Wi-Fi extender?

About Wi-Fi extenders:
Wi-Fi extender is a special device that extends the range of your already weak signals of the current Wi-Fi router it is configured with. The Wi-Fi extender extends the current Wi-Fi signals to a greater distance so that signals of good strength reach your overall space or the area. The signals of the Wi-Fi are reached by the radio waves rather than cables. The cable free setup of the Wi-Fi extender makes it more convenient and easy to connect with the router.
Properties of the Wi-Fi extender:
Let’s look at a few properties of the Wi-Fi extender to understand about it in a better way. A Wi-Fi extender resembles to a Wi-Fi router yet with no handling power. The extender simply extends and renews the signal of the Wi-Fi router. It does not possess any software through which it can handle any data that is passed through it. The extender doesn’t analyze any of the signals that it is preparing. Also it does not remove any interface that interrupts the Wi-Fi signal.
Position of the Wi-Fi extender:
The position of the Wi-Fi extender is a key feature to be kept in mind to receive uninterrupted Wi-Fi signals. The extender should be placed between the computer and the Wi-Fi router so that the signals can reach at all the places. The signal region of the Wi-Fi extender is a sphere so that it equally distributes Wi-Fi signals through whole space. Many people do a common mistake of placing the Wi-Fi router near the wall, near the column or near the windows of the space. It disrupts the spherical region of the Wi-Fi signals making the Wi-Fi signals not reaching equally in all directions. To receive the best Wi-Fi signals it is advisable to keep the Wi-Fi router always from the obstructions and place the Wi-Fi extender between the router and the device to be used.
Footprints of the Wi-Fi extender:
Unlike Wi-Fi routers even the Wi-Fi extenders have their own signal foot print. As discussed in the above para the region of these Wi-Fi signals is spherical to ensure the signals reach in all the directions. The Wi-Fi extender re-transmitts all the signals received by the Wi-Fi router and makes the signal reach beyond the Wi-Fi router foot print area. For instance if there is a computer or any such device which is located outside the foot print of the router but within the foot print of the extender, the extender insures to send the Wi-Fi signal to the device till its foot print range. This re-transmission of the Wi-Fi signals by Wi-Fi extender ensures that the Wi-Fi signals reach beyond the Wi-Fi router foot print without the hassle of the second Wi-Fi login

Common misunderstandings related to the Wi-Fi extenders:
Most people have a misconception that the Wi-Fi extenders weaken the signal strength of the Wi-Fi router. Well, this is not true. The work of the Wi-Fi extender is just to extend the signals of the current Wi-Fi router so that the signals reach beyond the Wi-Fi router foot print and more traffic can be managed on the single Wi-Fi router. The Wi-Fi extenders do not weakens the signal strength but enables to manage the double amount of traffic. Moreover, they selectively extend the Wi-Fi signals only of the Wi-Fi router they are connected to. Though in the case of poor signal by the Wi-Fi routers, the strength and performance of the Wi-Fi extenders also significantly reduces because the Wi-Fi signals are not able to reach the Wi-Fi new extender setup